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Temples re-fuel positive energy

Spiritual Highway

The Nepal Weekly
July 26, 2022

God exists everywhere and in everything as mentioned in Ishabasyopanishad; or appointment with God is possible in anything and anywhere. Why should people visit temples then? The question troubles people from time to time. Various Vedic scholars have answered it and analyzed it in varied ways. In the process they have regarded the temples as places for warming up for spiritualism; as venues where positive energy is generated and spread for the welfare for all and as sites for concentrating on ultimate consciousness.

Great sage Bibekananda has argued: temples are not holy by themselves; it is humans who should make them sanctified. People visit temples with holy ideas, spiritual mind-set and they spread them in the temple-atmosphere which impresses other people. The idols or piece of stone kept in temples as symbols of Gods also get tuned through the positive energy and they in course of time begin generating symbolically positive energy. When the process is institutionalized the temples begin spreading holy ideas. The philosopher further says: if some temples are visited by people with evil ideas they cannot make the atmosphere of the temple positive. It is not useful to visit such temples.

Significance of daily worship or prayer

The daily worship or prayer is an instrument to practice spiritualism. It warms up people, disciplines their mind, body, actions and expressions for concentrating on the great ultimate cosmic consciousness.  When analyzed in detail, the daily worship or prayer is connected with the great substances of nature – the basic elements described as panchamahabhutas which have properties of the earth, water, fire, wind, and space. The worship is also related to the sun and the moon which also represent power essential for all living and nonliving beings.

Humans should be indebted to all five elements, sun and moon. It is because of them their life becomes meaningful; it is because of them they can breathe, get nourishment, inspiration and various elements essential for life. It is therefore natural for humans to focus on them through daily worship or prayer, which could also be described as a way to express thanks and appreciation or paying debt back. The daily worship or prayer is actually a modality of expressing thanks and appreciation for what nature has given to humans and all sentient beings.

Moreover the daily worship or prayer generates in humans positive energy which is helpful in spreading the ideas related to mercy, love, excuse, friendship, goodwill etc which in turn become instrumental in creating further positivity in the atmosphere in society;

By Shirish B. Pradhan