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Communication Minister Karki directs bodies to work with results

The Nepal Weekly
July 26, 2022

Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has directed the line agencies under the ministry to deliver tangible results to the people.    

He made this remark at an event hosted in Kathmandu on Monday by the Ministry to ink a performance agreement for the fiscal year, 2022/23. On this occasion, an integrated action plan to implement the FY’s policies and programmes was also unveiled.    

“We only talked. But we never kept our words. Now we should work with tangible results,” remarked the minister.    

The Communication Minister also sought the protection of assets owned by the subordinate bodies under the Ministry and its utilization for promoting entrepreneurship.

He also expressed hope regarding successful implementation of government policies provided that political leadership and bureaucracy remaining as the permanent government become honest and dedicated towards that end.    

“I do not much believe in speech, I rather believe in action, dedication and integrity. I hereby call upon all to contribute from their respective sides to see the expected results. I also welcome suggestions and feedback from you all in regard to the roles of mine for the same,” he said.    

On the occasion, the performance agreement was signed between Minister Karki and the Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Dr Baikuntha Aryal; the secretary and chiefs of divisions and the secretary and the chiefs of subordinate bodies.  

On the same occasion, secretary Aryal urged employees to work with a target of setting arrears at nil.