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Agenda for general elections


The Nepal Weekly
July 12, 2022

With the government, election body and political parties determined to hold general election for the federal parliament and seven provincial assemblies in November 2022, the real scenario for the democratic process of people’s verdict is emerging. The agenda for the polls this time should be stability in government, wisdom and continuity in governance and smooth delivery of public services. Leaders and political parties with capacity to accomplish the trio should be considered for a chance this time. The first five year cycle of federal practice could not create a situation for the same; it wasted time in in-party struggle for power along with inability to manage ambitions of former prime ministers and failure to address the needs of the people. The period witnessed a strange condition in which a political party with near two-third majority in parliament could not offer stability, governance and public services. Learning lessons from the same all should now concentrate on promoting the parties and leaders who have ability to contribute to the three objectives mentioned below. The three objectives have not been forwarded for any special interest or with enthusiasm to just coin some phrases. Each of them focuses on what modern day Nepal and Nepalis need today and require for ensuring better tomorrow. They would be instrumental in making efficient use of resources – financial, natural and other – available in the country besides contributing to the task of fulfilling 17 targets under the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The agenda could be considered fundamental for promoting the country’s current Least Developed Country status to that of a middle income developing country inn 2026. The agenda also compel the political parties and leaders to develop a governance-strategy once they reach the points of power. Until now the practice has been using the power for self interest or the interest of the political party concerned. Leaders in power always consider the power as their tool but they should have taken the power to be an instrument to serve the people. The core principle of governance expects the same. As soon as political parties access power they should draw a line between what a government is and what a political party is. The former is for all in the country while the latter is for the members and well wishers of the party concerned. As the process of people’s choice unfolds, the agenda should be taken seriously and communicated to all stakeholders properly.