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Rohingya Muslims demonstrate in front of UN, demanding their rights

The Nepal Weekly
July 4, 2022

Around 75 urban refugees including Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar on Monday staged demonstration in front of the United Nations Nepal Office, at Pulchowk in Lalitpur demanding their rights and recognition.

The majority of those, who demonstrated in front of the UN Office were, women and children. They were carrying placards that read “Protect urban refugees’ rights from UNHCR Nepal,”We are dying grant us an allowance,” “UN Please inquire urban refugees suffering.”

There are currently 650 urban refugees taking shelter in Nepal and of them 450 are Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. The urban refugees also include refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We came here to save our lives, said one of the refugees.

They have submitted an 11 point demand to UN Office in Lalitpur. Their major demands include protecting the human rights, right to education from the refugees and provide them legal work permit.

Earlier on Saturday and Sunday they had staged sit-in in front of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) in Kathmandu for two days. The police had used baton charging during Sunday’s demonstration.

As human beings we want our rights to be ensured as enshrined by the United nations, one of the refugees said. The UNHCR had provided us with some allowance till 2012 but now we are deprived of any assistance, said another refugee.