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AFFON irks on Policy on Private Forest

The Nepal Weekly
July 4, 2022

Releasing a press note Association of Family Forest Owner’s, Nepal (AFFON) has demanded Government of Nepal to facilitate the family forest owners by formulating workable policies and rules. The association has been engaged in the lobby activities for years.

It has been informed that the reformed policy is in the offing is going to be unfriendly to the tree farmers, the forest formers are yet again kept in the same position as of before where they cannot do anything to the trees they grow. Their demand is to treat the trees gown in fields and forests the families own should as good as cultivated crops. That should not be called deforestation.

The rule said to be in the offing will not facilitate the tree farmers whereas hassles will be continued as of in the past.  

Association of Family Forest Owner’s, Nepal (AFFON) is; a common platform and umbrella organization for ensuring the tenure and usufruct rights of Family forest owners since 8th March, 2015. AFFON takes initiatives in contributing to the national slogan “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali”. AFFON has been actively functioning in 56 districts of Nepal. AFFON has been working with it’s partners to empower communities through democratic natural resource management.con