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LOD secures 52nd position in DJ Mag London listing

The Nepal Weekly
July 4, 2022

Lord of the Drinks located in Thamel, Kathmandu has secured 52nd position on the DJ Mag “Top 100 Clubs” around the world. LOD, launched some three years ago with an investment of Rs. 23 crore has now become no. 1 club in Nepal.

LOD began its course towards promoting the nightlife culture in Nepal on February 13, 2019. Since then it has been providing an epic club experience for club maniacs, EDM lovers and people alike, according to Rabin Shrestha, Managing Director of the club.

With state of the art amenities, technology that evolves with time, vibrant atmosphere and quality music system, LOD is able to lure anybody.

In recent times, the nightlife scene in Kathmandu has been blooming with little to no attention or necessary coverage. With LOD bringing the spotlight to the clubbing dimension and taking Nepal to the world. It opens a positive gateway for other clubs, and businesses alike tok capitalize on the possibility of taking Nepal in global arena.

Since its inception, LOD has been promoting emerging Nepali artists, hosting top-notch events and bringing famous international stars as well. The major milestone of LOD was on August 28, 2019when Quintino, (the World No. 25 DJ of 2019) allured the crowd with his EDM magic.

“LOD has stood firm in the trying times during the pandemic and has been actively involved socially in benefiting the masses,” reads a press release issued during a press briefing organized to inform about LOD securing 52nd position in London’s DJ Mag’s list. “We believe, we all benefit within the clubbing industry itself gets bigger and better. The milestone, although achieved by LDO, represents a positive achievement for other aspiring clubs, businesses in the entertainment and tourism sectors in the country,” remarked Shrestha. “LOD has officially become a Utopian escape for EDM lovers and sets apart itself as the number one club in Nepal.” LOD has for the first time in Nepal, brought a d&b audiotechnik sound system and three moving hydrauli lighting rigs. LOD spreading over 9,600 sq feet has the capacity to accommodate 2,500 people and has been providing employment to 150 people.