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A mural of Chakrasamvara with wider prupose painted at Joshi’s residence

The Nepal Weekly
June 28, 2022

Panting of Paubha of Chakrsamvara is in progress these days at the Lok Sahitya Parishad at Bakhumbal, Lalitpur. The Parishad is located at a part of the residence of 103 years old culture expert and litterateur Dr.Satya Mohan Joshi.

The Paubha painting is being painted as per the wish of Joshi will be a mural of 5.5 feet to 22 feet. The mural is different to a Paubha painted on specially made cloth in a tradition method to be hanged.

It is widely believed that Chakrasamvara represents a philosophy in Tantric Buddhism that is bereft of duality and represents enlightened knowledge, say experts on Buddhism. “It is a philosophy meant to portray the union of compassion and wisdom which usually in the image is symbolised through the union of Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi. Chakrasamvara is widely revered in the Newar and Tibetan Buddhism. It is a tool for educating meditation. Moreover, it’s a medium for Vajrayana yoga. And there’s so much information to pull out from the image. But for centuries, the knowledge has remained confined within a certain community.

Unlike Paubhas that one sees in the market and owned by individuals or art institutions are made just to represent a deity’s form, but the mural of Chakrasamvara at Lok Sahitya Parishad is meant to serve a wider purpose of spreading knowledge on Chakrasamvara and Nepal’s indigenous art traditions.

Famous Paubha artist Lok Chitrakar who has been painting high quality Paubhas for last 40 years and also teaching Paubha painting is leading the project. Five young artists Rabin Maharjan, Rabin Gathuwa, Laxmi Shakya, Manish Kayastha, Reena Shakya – have joined to this project to make a milestone product of the country. The mural uses the traditional technique of Paubha making, which involves using mineral colours that are unimaginably expensive and hard to find. Some of the colours being used are very rare, so they artists need to be much cautious too. The mineral colours prepared in traditional method are richer in quality and they last longer as well.

Financing was not easy for the project to make happen. A huge amount of money was required. The initially estimated cost of the project was Rs. 4.32 million. Satya Mohan Joshi had donated Rs. 0.8 million while singer Yogeshwar Amatya added 0.5 million. Some others also have donated for this noble project.

Recently, Minister for Culture and Tourism of Bagmati Province Deependra Shrestha has made necessary arrangements to provide Rs. 4.4 million from the Province Government for the project to make a grand success in the meaning and purpose. This project means a lot to Satya Mohan Joshi, who really wants people to talk about art and cherish Nepali art. This is a much meaningful act he is doing for people for the country beyond his own wish. This is also an ambitious work for Lok Chitrakar, associates and all traditional art lovers.