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President Nepal calls on every citizen to speak on patriotism, national independence and self-respect

The Nepal Weekly
June 28, 2022

CPN (Unified Socialist) President Madhav Kumar Nepal has called on every citizen to speak on patriotism, national independence and self-respect. Addressing the second meeting of the party politburo, President Nepal said that the people should be vigilant in the context of patriotism, self-respect and national independence. Stating that the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS), State Partnership Program (SPP) and MCC were part of the UML leaders’ plan, Chairman Nepal said that they had saved the country from surrendering to foreigners by forcing the 12-point explanatory remarks to become an integral part of the agreement. He claimed that Oli’s arrogance of trampling on the constitution, right-wingers and collaborating with foreigners was stopped by us and that the maps were published under their own pressure.

Stating that the responsibility of protecting the country has fallen on the shoulders of sincere communists, our party will now lead it, said Chairman Nepal. He said that we had defended the constitution and federalism by rebelling and saved the country from instability. He was of the view that there should be a discussion on climate change, food crisis and economic crisis in the world.

He said that the alliance should win in the local elections and the expected results could not be achieved due to lack of cooperation in the metropolis, sub-metropolis, winning states and districts. As the alliance between the Congress and the maoists has not been relatively fruitful, Chairman Nepal said that the third party in the alliance should also be discussed.

At the meeting, Chairman Nepal presented a report covering national and international situation, organizational situation, review of local elections, review of coalition government and justification of five-party alliance, future action plan and upcoming House of Representatives and state assembly election strategy.  Politburo members expressed their views in the meeting. The report will be presented at the Central Committee and Central Council meetings, said Jagannath Khatiwada, head of the publicity department.