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Managing ambitions: pain for top politicos

The Nepal Weekly
June 21, 2022

By TNW correspondent

Top political leaders of all parties are today feeling headache because of problems related to managing ambitions of youths, former ministers of high office holders and women leaders.

All ruling coalition parties, the opposition party and other parties such as Rastriya Prajatantra Party are encountering difficulty in dealing with ambitious leaders and cadres in their organizations.

“All want candidacy for general election for federal parliament or provincial assembly and it is difficult to satisfy all in this regard,” said a senior leader of a non-ruling party. “Forming an acceptable guideline for selecting candidacy for general elections is an uphill task. All parties will ultimately hand over the responsibility to top leaders who are seasoned or used to pick up the ones who are relatives, loyal, non-dissenting, close to them and comfortable for manipulation.”

Political dynamics of the country demand youths, women, fresh politicos and responsive persons for parliamentary and assembly candidacy. Top leaders will find it difficult for making the same as priority. If they take the call of the political dynamics of the time, they fear, they would be outdated soon.

Since most political parties are currently led by old time traditional leadership, they would not be able to inject new blood in the forthcoming parliamentary and provincial polls, said a media analyst on Monday. “Most candidates in polls will have traditional face.”

Top leaders having analyzed the results of local polls concluded privately and in some senses publicly that poll partnership should be continued in the parliamentary and provincial polls. “Unless we do so we cannot emerge as winner in elections at the centre and provinces,” leaders noted in their recent public speeches. The Election Commission in the meanwhile is contemplating organizing consultation with the  government on holding the polls in November. The date for General Election should be given by the government. The EC is learnt to be planning to hold both polls in one phase this time.