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No monkey pox detected in the youth returned from Dubai

The Nepal Weekly
June 21, 2022

Ministry of Population and Health, Nepal government has confirmed that no monkeypox was detected in a 26 year old man, who just returned from Dubai and admitted to a government hospital.

A Nepali youth suspected to be contracting monkeypox virus was put under observation at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital in Teku, Kathmandu. The 26  year old who arrived from Dubai was under monitor by the hospital after he showed symptoms similar to monkeypox. The patient had fever on Thursday and red blisters were spotted on his body and hands.

However, after conducting necessary tests, it was found that the bacteria of Leprosy was found in parts of his body instead of monkeypox, the government hospital confirmed issuing a statement on Friday. While conducting tests on his skin at six places, the bacteria of Leprosy was found in three places in his eye and ear, the statement reads.

The health specialists did not suspect monkeypox on the man as reported in some media outlets after he was admitted to the hospital, the press statement adds.

So far, Monkeypox was detected in 1,000 people in 29 countries across the world. Till today, not a single case of monkeypox was detected in Nepal, the statement further adds. The ministry, issuing a statement, said that it has made necessary arrangements for making people aware and keeping vigilance against the possible outbreak of the disease  in Nepal.