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New experiments in politics

The Nepal Weekly
June 14, 2022

By TNW correspondent

Nepali politicians particularly the seasoned ones above 65 will have to cope with new experiments of youth politicians who are expert in handling social media for messaging and who are dedicated to bring about change in political style in the country.

The new experiments are being planned in the context of the forthcoming parliamentary and provincial polls towards the end of 2022. Buoyed by the recent victory of 13 independent candidates including Mayor Balen Shah in Kathmandu and Harka Sampang Rai in Dharan, some youths have decided to launch a campaign for independent candidates for parliament and provincial assemblies.

Swatantra Ummedbar Abhiyan (Campaign for Independent Candidates) engaging a number of youths online or offline has been formed for the purpose. It will network all those who offer or support independent candidacy throughout the country. Serious consultations regarding the same will take place on July 1 and 2 in Kathmandu, said a campaigner.

Although campaigners at the moment do not know how the movement will play out in the next few months, they have decided to go forward in a strategic manner. Senior politicians describe the new experiment as a very significant move. What political parties have not been able to do for change and transformation in politics, the campaign would do, they added.

Experienced politicos, however, caution: the campaign should not follow the line of some political parties which appeared in the political arena five years ago to replace the trend of traditional parties but failed because of wrong way of leadership and feeble organizational skills.

Coalition politics and poll partnership among big political parties are other experimentations being tested in recent polls in Nepal. The same will continue in the context of parliamentary and provincial polls, said a senior politician. Small parties which are not getting any space in electoral politics in Nepal are also considering another way of pooling their strength. The same could materialize in a few weeks, said a politician. Analysts say the fresh enthusiasm for innovative experiments in Nepali politics will ultimately bring about some sort of change in the politics of the country.