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Nepal Chamber will cooperate with the local level for youth employment

The Nepal Weekly
June 14, 2022

Chairman of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce Rajendra Malla has said that they will cooperate with the local level for youth employment generation and entrepreneurship development. Speaking at a programme organized by Mahottari Chamber of Commerce in Bardibas on Sunday, Chairman Malla said that youth should be prevented from fleeing by creating employment opportunity in the country. According to Chairman Malla, the Nepal Chamber wants to work with all local levels to promote the use of natural resources and skills learned abroad in Nepal for the development of youth entrepreneurship and self-reliant economy.

“It is necessary for the state to make policy arrangements to encourage the skills of the youths returning from abroad by collecting their data,” said chairman Malla. “The government has announced in the budget to provide land for 50 years on lease. An industrial village can be built by integrating the skills of the youth. It can also encourage international companies and combine the knowledge and skills learned abroad through investment. “

Chairman Malla stressed on the need to make the best use of natural resources in the country for the development of self-reliant economy through youth self-employment.  Malla further said that the district chamber would cooperate for the marketing of sugarcane, fruits and other consumer goods produced in Mahottari. The NCC would take initiative to organize the market in such a way that there would be direct contact between farmers and consumers for the end of middlemen rule in the country, he assured.

In the context of a huge trade deficit occurring to the country, Chairman Malla said, maintaining the balance of payments posed the biggest challenge for the country. “Import and export should be properly managed to maintain the balance of payments of the country.” Similarly, the tax revenue policy should also be one-stop shop, pointed out Malla. Stating that the country’s economy is being supported by the private sector, Chairman Malla urged the government to create a conducive business environment.