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Fashion designer Trishna joins hand to produce ‘Dollar AUD’

The Nepal Weekly
June 14, 2022

ASAP Entertainment Nepal has announced that it will produce a Nepali film based on a story related to Nepalese people living in Australia. The proposed film Dollar AUD being produced by executive producer Santosh Adhikari and director Dev Kumar Shrestha aims to shed light on the problems facing Nepalese people residing in Australia for jobs or higher studies. Noted fashion designer Trishna Gurung is one of the co-producers of the film. Anjana Adhikari and Arun Shrestha are other coproducers. The entire shooting of the film will be done on Australia and it will start in mid-July, according to the producers. The main objective of the film is to introduce Nepali culture and tradition in international arena. Che Shanker has done script writing for the film. Arpan Thapa and Menuka Adhikari are among the artists who will be featured in the film being jointly financed by Amaria Production and ASAP.