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Education sector receives Rs 16 billion more budget this year

The Nepal Weekly
May 31, 2022

For the new fiscal year, the government has allocated Rs 16 billion more budget as compared to this fiscal year to the education sector.

Tabling the budget in the  House of Representatives on Sunday, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma said the Ministry of Education was allocated Rs 196 billion for the coming fiscal year 2079/80. It is for the ministry, and the province and local levels under the ministry combined.

Categorically, the ministry received Rs 70 billion while the province Rs5.32 billion and the local level Rs 121 billion. 

The budget has linked education to labour, employment and production. Development of quality and productive human resources, the continuation of school sector reform programme, increase in youth literacy rate, increase in gross school enrollment, and creation of an environment to guarantee vocational knowledge and skill are some key features in the education sector.

The present scheme of day meals up to Grade 5 would be expanded up to Grade 7. Similarly, restructuring of CTEVT, mainstreaming of schools with martyrs’ children, expansion of spending limit to the school principals. Rs 8.30 billion has been allocated to hand over technical knowledge to the local levels.

The Visa process for foreign students for higher study in Nepal would be eased and quality higher education ensured. Internet service would be provided in half tariff at community schools with a view to the expansion of information technology.