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Glimpses of Srijana 2022, art exhibition

The Nepal Weekly
May 31, 2022
A painting by Shashi Shah

Srijana College of Fine Arts organized an exhibition of at works during May 22 to 27, 2022 at Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu. The college organizes similar exhibitions every year for last few years. But lockdown situation due coronavirus pandemic caused the events to remain withheld for two consecutive years – before last year and last year.

The exhibition was a successful event where excellent paintings of senior artist Shashi Shah, Batsa Gopal Vaiday, Madan Chitrakar, Krishna Manandhar, Shyam Lal Shrestha, Purna Bajracharya, Lok Chitrakar, Sharada Man Shrestha, Sharad Ranjit, Nabindra Man Rajbhandari were showcased. Similarly, paintings of Sunil Ranjit, Mukesh Shrestha, Sauganaga Darshandahri, Devina Malla, Samjhana Rajbhandari and sculptures of Gopal Kalapremi and Chandra Shyam Dagol were also exhibited in the show.

Principle of the college mentions that regular feature of our calendar has always been a window to view the creative prowess of the faculty members, who have always remained a notable crowd for Nepali art today. Each year, they have continued to showcase their latest efforts to explore new concepts and expressions through their own creative language. This event has hence served not only an occasion to exhibit the latest thoughts of our faculty, but also deliver healthy inspiration to students.

A creation by Sharada Man Shrestha
A painting by Sharad Ranjit
Paintings by Nabindra Man Rajbhandari
By Gopal Kalapremi
Painting by Sunil Ranjit
Wood block impression of historical postal stamps by Samjhana Rajbhandari
Paintings by Mukesh Shrestha