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Lately, cases of harassments in the field of glamour are being exposed : Mamataa Pradhan, actress

The Nepal Weekly
May 31, 2022

Since all the businesses in the country remained stagnated due to the Covid – 19, the film sector is not the exception. Lockdown was imposed to contain spread of the virus within and outside the country, at a time when many films were preparing for release. The film Ghanachakkar too, faced the same situation due to the pandemic. Now after a gap of two years the film Ghanachakkar, featuring actress Mamataa Pradhan among others, is going to be released on Ashadh 10. She believes that this time her new film Ghanachakkar will hit the market, as it is being released after a long interval. Here are excerpts from an encounter with popular actress Mamataa, who has already acted in some two dozen Nepali films.

The Nepal Weekly: How are you spending time these days ?

Mamataa: My new film Ghanachakkar is being released very soon and I am currently busy for its promotion. The trailer of the film was released on Jesth 10 and now we are preparing for the release of the film.

TNW:  What type of film is Ghanachakkar? Would you shed light on the film briefly?

Mamataa: It’s a Nepali comedy film produced by Hari Bhatta and directed by Jitendra Rajopadhyaya. The film features Salon Basnet, Meera Lama, Saugat Malla, TB DC and myself. Meera Lama, the main actress, she is currently outside the country, so I have to bear main responsibility for releasing the film. The film which started shooting in 2018 was supposed to be released in 2019,  it was delayed due to the lockdown. Now it is being released next month.

TNW: What type of role are you playing in the film?

Mamataa: Though I am a straight forward person in real life, I am playing the role of a fraud girl, just opposite of my character. I am playing the role of a girl, who cheats other people to move forward in life.

TNW: How many Nepali films have you played so far?

Mamataa: So far I have played more than two dozen films. It has been one and a half decade since I joined the film industry.

TNW: Which film do you like the most? I like Kathmandu the most. Although Rajya is my first film, I have played lead role in Kathmandu. In this film have done whatever the director had taught to me. After that I also like Deepsikha produced by Naresh Poudyal. In this film I have played the role of a naughty girl. Many people have loved this character. Even today many people know me through the role I played in Deepsikha. My film Nai Nabhannu La – 1 is the super hit film.

TNW: Have you also done modeling besides acting in films?

Mamataa: I have done lots of modeling assignments. Besides, I have also done ramp and TV advs. Jiune Chhu, a music video by Prashna Shakya, for which I have done modeling, has just been released in the market.

TNW: How much money do you earn from acting?

Mamataa: It was very hard during the time of the pandemic. Nothing had happened in the film industry in the past two years hit by the pandemic. However, some small works were performed in Yutube during the period. But activities like film making and acting were totally halted during the period. During that time, I spent my time by sleeping and engaging myself in social network sites at home.

TNW:  Have you also been involved in film production?

Lockdown was imposed while I was preparing to produce my own film. I have done all  the preparation works like registration of the company at Film Development Board for the film I was doing myself as an actor and the producer. At a time when I was preparing for a press meet, countrywide lockdown was imposed. I was supposed to start film shooting in April, which could not happen. Now I would like to continue my works by forming a new team.

TNW: What other works would you like to do besides acting?

Mamataa: I have spent many years in this filed, so I cannot leave it suddenly. I will continue working in this field also in the future. Besides, I would like to run some part time business too. In future also I will be doing one or two films every year.  Although I am thinking to some part time business, I have not yet made any decision in this regard.

TNW: How did you spend your time during lockdown period?

Mamataa: I am a food lover. I am very much eager to make different food items. I have learnt a lot about making different varieties of food items with the help of Youtube, which I enjoyed a lot.

TNW: How many countries have you visited until now?

Mamataa: I have visited many countries in Europe including France, Germany, Belgium Switzerland. However, I have not yet visited the USA, as I have not received the US visa. Except Japan and Korea, I have travelled almost all the countries in Asia.

TNW: As a woman artist how much struggle have you gone through to become successful in the field of acting? Do you think that women are being exploited in the glamour field?

Mamataa: One has to do lots of hard works in the film industry. The newcomers have to do even more struggle to survive in this field. The cases of harassment are widespread in this field, though very few women complain about their cases as they are scared of its consequences. Lately, some cases of sexual harassments have come to the limelight through media. I think matured people should avoid such types of harassments involving teenagers or underage girls. Also the girls should not make false allegation against other artists only with the intensiton of damaging their reputation. There are instances of both men and women being victimized under different circumstances and the culprits should not be spared with the misuse of money and power.

TNW: Would you elaborate about how do you spend a whole day ?

Mamataa: I usually get up late, ie, 8 am. I start the day with some warm up exercises for about half an hour after being fresh. Then I worship Gods and Goddesses. Laxmi, Saraswoti, Ganesh, Bishnu and Bajrangabali are my favourite deities.  I also try to remember all the Tetis Koti Devatas. I then take warm water with lemon and then have a cup of black coffee. I usually take my meal at around 11 am. I mostly prepare my food by myself. IN the afternoon too I take coffee. I don’t take anything for dinner. However, if I happen to be outside in the evening for partying, I also enjoy that. Usually, I go to bed at around 9 pm and sleep early if I don’t have other works. I also operate mobile phones and see Korean movies from time to time. During the lockdown, it became my habit to watch Korean movies. Going to bed early and waking up late is my bad habit.