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Local polls reveal next Parliament

The Nepal Weekly
May 24, 2022

By TNW correspondent

Although the local level elections are just over, political parties and leaders have begun strategizing for the parliamentary elections which should be held by the year end in about 7 months. The first action to this effect has been taken by the opposition party CPN UML. “It did not continue its disruption-move in parliament in the ongoing session.”

Senior politicos describe the opposition party’s change of protest strategy in the floor of the House of Representatives as direct result of what they learnt from their rather poor performance in the local polls. The party’s departure from opposition to the Speaker of the House is significant, they note.

Ruling alliance leaders have felt the urgent need to further strengthen their poll partnership. “The local level elections have mirrored their positions well in various constituencies. They know, because of the results, where to emphasize partnership and where to compete on their own,” observed an analyst.

The circumstances facing small parties are very challenging. They could neither show their presence in local polls. They will not be able to save face in parliamentary elections, predicted some commentators. “The future of the small parties and the ones which sought to offer alternative to communists and democrats is bleak,” they commented.

Four or five parties will be the main players in the parliamentary polls, said a former member of parliament. “Parties, because of the indicators available through the local elections, should think twice while finalizing candidature in various constituencies. If they do not pick up the candidates wisely and pragmatically, they might be losers in the long term.”

According to one media analyst, the local polls have defined the next five years of politics in Nepal. “The political parties and leaders should analyze their performance or nonperformance or underperformance in recent polls and change their strategy accordingly. Failing to do so could mean disastrous for their future.”