May 24, 2024, Friday
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A book on Shyam Raj Pradhan launched

The Nepal Weekly
May 24, 2022

A book on late Shyam Raj Pradhan (1994 BS – 2071 BS) was launched on Friday amidst a function held at Lalitpur. The book titled ‘Shyam Raj Pradhan: Dhungaa ko kaapbaat phakriyeko phool” (Shyam Raj Pradhan : A flower bloomed in the stones) was a collection of memories and experiences of various personalities and professionals who happened to be with late Pradhan in due course of professional or social engagements. Senior journalist Raju Shrestha had collected the write-ups and interviews. He had put his best of efforts in editing as well. The book was released by Mrs. Baba Pradhan, the spouse of late Pradhan.

Likewise, a video documentary on late Pradhan was also released on the same occasion. The videography was shot and edited by Sanam Shrestha.

Educated and trained in Nepal and received turbine design training in Switzerland, late Shyam Raj Pradhan had extensively contributed to promotion of renewable energy technologies in Nepal. Turbines for micro hydropower plants and improved water mills called multipurpose power units were the specialities. He was well recognised as an efficient turbine designer and manufacturer. The products were installed in the micro hydropower plants in the mountains and hills in the country. His products were also exported to a number of countries as turbines made in Nepal are recognised as better products. The products manufactured in late Pradhan’s Nepal Yantra Shala Energy are preferred. Late Pradhan was the key technical person in fabricating and installing first micro hydropower plant in Nepal. The plant was installed in Godawari, Laltipur in 1962 AD.

In more than 50 years of active life he manufactured and installed more than 200 turbines in 46 districts of the country. Reviewing the book former vice president of National Planning Commission, former executive director of Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and Energy Specialist Prof. Dr. Govind Pokhrel appreciated the contribution of late Pradhan in the field of renewable energy and providing electricity for village people. He further noted the enthusiasm of professional efforts and entrepreneurship of late Pradhan.

Similarly, renewable energy expert and former president of Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association Surendra Bhakta Mathema said that late Pradhan was a great teacher of micro hydropower technology in Nepal. He not only manufactured turbines and other parts for micro hydropower plants, imparted knowledge to a number of persons to become better technicians as well.

Former member of National Planning Commission Shree Krishna Upadhyay, former member of Electricity Regulatory Commission and former executive director of AEPC Dr. Ram Prasad Dhital, renewable energy specialist Vishwa Bhushan Amatya, Director of AEPC Dr. Narayan Adhikari, Chairperson of Renewable Energy Confederation  of Nepal Guna Raj Dhakal also spoke on contributions of late Pradhan.

Bikram Pradhan, son of late Pradhan mentioned that an institution in memory of late Pradhan is being planned which will support development of human resource for renewable energy promotion in Nepal.

The launch programme was chaired by Dr. Prachanda Pradhan.

Token of recognition with appreciation and cash prize were handed over to the technical and administrative staffs at Nepal Yantra Shala Energy was also carried out during the function. NYSE is now managed by Mrs. Baba Pradhan, Dr. Suman Pradhan and Bikram Pradhan.