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Nepal ready for single day local polls

The Nepal Weekly
May 10, 2022

By TNW correspondent

As the silence period for the local polls begins Tuesday midnight political parties have wrapped up their election campaigns. Analysts cannot predict the trend of the outcome of the polls. They simply say “results will be varied and will reflect realities of local politics.”

Big political parties appear to have convinced voters about their narrative of poll partnership. Yet observers cannot say voters have received their messaging in the way they like. “Voters could interpret the parties message and work out their own way of voting.”

Small parties look lost in this election despite their hard work to impress the people. Their candidates, although appealing and in some cases more presentable than those of big parties, appear just not leading because of organizational weakness.

Had some small parties cared for keeping their house in order for the past few months, they could have offered alternative to the big parties’ transactional partnership in election, said a former member of parliament.

He added most of the incumbent would do well this time as well because they have something to show to the people about their five year performance. “There will be some new comers who will achieve impressive victory in some cities, of course.”

According to a senior politician, the Friday’s poll should be viewed from the viewpoint of continuity of local government in a democratic and constitutional way. The government and the Election Commission and all parties contesting the polls deserve praise for this. Had they not decided to have the polls on time, things would have take worse turn for continuity of democracy at the local level.

The spirit of holding periodic elections on time is a must in a democracy.  All those who believe in constitutional and democratic principles consider the point as very important. Nepal suffered a lot for not being able to have polls on time in the past. The same caused a lot of problems for democracy in the country.