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ERC on reliable electricity service

3rd Establishment Day observed

The Nepal Weekly
May 10, 2022

Dilli Bahadur Singh, Chairman of Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that the Commission has been aggressively working to prepare regulations to make the electricity market competitive and the electricity services more reliable, accessible and safer. So the regulatory body of the power sector is seriously working.

“In the three years of its establishment, the ERC has formulated 10 regulatory instruments and other 15 regulatory instruments have been drafted by giving priority to the work of stakeholders and service recipients,” Singh stated addressing the 3rd establishment day of the Electricity Regulatory Commission on May 8. The event was held in Kathmandu. He said that the entire work related to grid code that the commission is working would be completed and bring into implementation as soon as possible. The commission has reduced the electricity tariff rate by an average of 9 per cent and also decided to provide free electricity to the consumers consuming up to 20 units monthly.

The tariff rate has been fixed to encourage the use of electric stoves and electric vehicles with the objective of displacing gas, Singh added.

Chairman Singh said that the commission is committed to work for ensuring the reliable energy to the consumers at an effective rate through the regulation by considering the interest and financial condition of power utility and producers as well. The regulatory tools will be formulated and implemented on the basis of need and justification for the purpose of expanding its work, duties, responsibilities and regulatory access, he mentioned.

“We have planned to digitise the services of the Commission adopting technology gradually. The Commission would pay special attention to the study and research of risk identification and solution measures of power projects,” Singh stated.

Former member of ERC Dr. Ram Prasad Dhital, on the occasion, said service of ERC should be credible and professional. “The focus should be at increasing consumption of electricity by ensuring reliability. Moreover, it is a necessary to focus on export surplus electricity,” he addedBu