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There can be no comparison between Sirjana and King’s loyalist Sthapit: Neer Shah

The Nepal Weekly
May 10, 2022

There can be no comparison between Kathmandu’s Mayoral candidate Sirjana Singh, who was was imprisoned by the King and her rival candidate Keshav Sthapit, who was appointed by then King Gyanendra to the post of Mayor of Kathmandu, remarked senior actor Neer Shah while speaking at an interaction programme organized by Nepali Congress party in Kathmandu on Sunday.

When Prakash Man Singh, husband of Sirjana Singh, was imprisoned during the direct rule of Gyanendra in 2005 , though Sthapit was enjoying all the facilities as the King nominated Mayor of Kathmandu, he could not do anything concrete for improving affairs of the metropolis, he pointed out. Sirjana was not even allowed to visit her husband in jail to provide food in tiffin box, he added.

Speaking at the interaction programme noted literary personality Asesh Malla advised Mayoral candidate Sirjana to build art galleries and theatres in Kathmandu keeping in mind the promotion of art and culture as well as to attract tourists. Art galleries and theatres are the symbol of cultured and civilized society the past leaderships of municipalities have neglected these fields, he pointed out. In France the number of tourists visiting Louvre, the famous art gallery is double than the actual population of the country, he pointed out. He also underscored the need for preserving art, culture and ancient shrines of Nepal, which are of great value in international arena.

Mayoral candidate Singh expressed the commitment that she would dedicate herself in making the metropolis clean, green and beautiful and effectively manage the garbage and make the environment pollution free if she is elected to the post. “I will towards the development of the metropolitan city by keeping the ideals of B.P. Koirala, Ganesh Man Singh and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, she remarked.