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TU has overshadowed the development of Kirtipur: Rajkumar Nakarmi, NC Mayor candidate

The Nepal Weekly
May 10, 2022

Raj Kumar Nakarmi has given his candidature for the post of Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality for the second time. Nakarmi, who lost to the CPN-UML candidate in the local elections of 2074 BS, claims that this time his victory has been ensured. He claims, “The party gave me the ticket trusting me that I would win. I will approach the voters with the issues raised by the party.I am a worthy candidate for mayor and I am confident of winning the election”.

According to Nakarmi, there is a bitter relationship between Kirtipur Municipality and Tribhuvan University. Even though TU helped to spread the name of Kirtipur al over the world it has overshadowed the Kiripur Municipality and the TU has become an obstacle for the development of the city, he argues.

“TU has acquired some 6,500 ropanis of land in Kirtipur area. Even now, the people of Kirtipur have not received compensation for most of the land,” he says.”The professors, administrators, employees, and various bodies are earning money by allocating land, building houses, and giving them to the dormitories.I will raise this issue urgently.”He accused that TU has not been able to protect their own property as well as the land taken away from the people of Kirtipur.

He said that his team would take initiative to find solution to the problem.Although discussions and agreements have been reached about the facilities to be provided to the locals, it is alleged that TU did not fulfill its promises even after reaching an agreement. He warned that the municipality would not interfere in the study, however it would directly interfere in the construction of university building. According to the agreement, the people of Kirtipur should get priority in getting employment in every construction work in the TU territory and they should get compensation on time, but the agreement was not implemented, he pointed out.

Nakarmi says that there are innumerable challenges in Kirtipur Municipality. “The problems are related to areas like education, health, roads, sanitation, transportation, drinking water. Due to TU, people from 77 districts live in Kirtipur. It is because of TU, Kritipur has been able to build good relations with everyone.But the people of Kirtipur are not happy because of TU’s policies”.

He said that the Ring road could not extend to Kirtipur because of the presence of TU. “It is because of TU, Kirtipur could not get direct access to the Ringroad. If TU was not here, Chakrapath would have extended to the hills of Kirtipur and it would have improved economic activity of Kirtipur.”

According to Nakarmi Guthi is an integral part of Kirtipur Municipality. “Guthi has become a social and personal tradition along with the land here. It has a big role to play from birth to death. Its protection is everyone’s responsibility”, he says. “I don’t think the municipality should have a separate policy for this. Guthi has become a lifestyle of Newar community here.”

He said that the municipality will move ahead with a separate plan for the protection of Kirtipur’s cultural heritage. According to him, the issue will be taken up as per the manifesto and separate funds will be set up for cultural programs with a view to keeping its originality.

There are no infrastructure for tourism here, he said. We also lack restaurant guides for the promotion of tourism, he added. “We will bring a separate programme for the promotion of tourism in this area.”