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Competition among major alliances

The Nepal Weekly
April 27, 2022

TNW correspondent

As candidates go on approaching people for votes in the context of May 13 polls, the political scenario suggests that the major alliances will have to face keen competition in many municipalities and wards. Small parties and independent candidates are in the race but their appeal is not impressive.

Observers predict the dissatisfaction among some party cadres caused by the highhandedness of high command of big parties in candidate-selection will soon fade away. The political competition among NC-led alliance and CPN UML-headed alliance will be keen, they note.

“It is not the agenda but the face of candidates and the image of the parties concerned that are considered important in the polls. People will vote generally traditionally but the youth voters particularly the first time voters could opt for agenda rather than the candidature.”

Although all parties knew the local polls will be held on time, their preparation for the polls appears to be least organized. The same got manifested as uncertainty and confusion on the two days set aside by the Election Commission for candidacy-registration. For many parties even two days were not sufficient. This shows their weakness in organization and leadership, said a media analyst.

Small parties could not do well in the 2017 local polls. They may not be able to do better this time. The electoral trend indicates tilt towards old parties. Although people are not happy with old parties and their leaders, they will go for them, said a former parliament member.

The parties which emerged as new and alternative to the NC and Communists also indicate their inability to appeal to people and lack of skill of organization. Some are lost in their internal politics of give and take while others are confused about the ideological line they should follow.

The one time popular leaders of various parties also are failing to come forward with an innovative approach to politics. They are keen in wishing to protect their former image but are not finding times comfortable for them. They are, however, not ready to quit politics.

The political scenario of two-weeks prior to local polls displays problems before all parties particularly in managing the ambitions of cadres – expectations for top positions. The reluctance of old leaders to quit their positions even after enjoying it for long is another problem.

Had there been internal democracy in the parties in the real sense of the term, these problems would have been filtered in time and due process, said a political analyst.