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Polls see politicos’ different face

The Nepal Weekly
April 19, 2022

By TNW correspondent

With polls for local government just 24 days away, senior politicos and their parties are displaying their image in a different way. All senior leaders this time appear not in their party-based-ideology-backed image. They are showing, in the name of poll partnership, an accommodative face not usually seen by many in the past.

If voters accept their new approach and the political narrative supporting the same, they would emerge victorious, said a media analyst warning about chances of “the tactic not being successful. Voters may simply punish the politicos with changing face and tone.”

The publicity for the polls is being carried out at the local level through contacts, visits, small road-side gatherings and group meetings by all parties concerned. Digital media is also being used for contacting voters concerned. The scenario of individual candidature for the polls appears not yet specifically structured by the high command or local command of parties concerned.

Political parties and their leaders have so far decided to pursue poll partnership and the way to implement such joint venture. Candidates will be specified only some days before the candidature-registration date. The same applies to the poll alliance led by Nepali Congress accompanied by other ruling parties and the opposition party CPN UML

According to those who have observed the pre-poll scenario in the country, local leaders are in complete mobilization at the time. Very few central leaders of parties have appeared in the local campaigning.

Cadres are intensifying the campaigning for the polls and approaching the voters in a very competitive way. Publicity materials or poll campaign slogans and messages have not yet made appearance in public places, noted an observer. “They will be pasted on public walls once individual candidature and the symbol-matters are finalized.” In the meanwhile the Election Commission officials say it is preparing for the polls in a systematic manner. The EC is also emphasizing the voters’ education besides observing how the poll campaigning is going forward and how the poll code of conduct is being pursued.