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Buddha Krishna pierces tongue for 9th time

The Nepal Weekly
April 19, 2022

Continuing the centuries old tong piercing festival in Bode of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, Buddha Krishna Baga Shrestha, 49, got his tongue pierced on Friday. An ambulance driver by profession, Shrestha has been piercing tongue as per the tradition for ninth consecutive times every year. The unique tongue piercing festival falls in the beginning of the New Year as per Bikram Era calendar. One, who participates in this tongue piercing festival has to observe fasting for three days, without taking solid food.

The needle is wet with mustard oil for the whole night, before piercing the tongue for anti-sceptic purposes. The tongue piercing festival could not be observed for the past three years due to the Corona virus pandemic. The age old tongue piercing festival is linked with social welfare and wellbeing of the people here.