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Let Parliament function in a normal way!

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

By TNW correspondent

The opposition party CPNUML may change its policy of obstructing parliamentary deliberations in the near future for preparing itself for the local polls. Youths and some provincial leaders are pressing for the same, said a senior leader of the party.

Going to people while not allowing their representatives have discussion on issues of national importance for long would not add value to the democratic image of the party, noted the leader. The party in its opposition to the Speaker’s sidelining of their demand to oust some of the CPN UML members of parliament is creating obstacles in the parliamentary functioning these days.

Senior politicos term the party’s opposition as its right but stress the same should not continue indefinitely. The opposition to the Speaker should see the end through some politically dignified way under the initiative of the party, they noted adding such path could be carved out.

After all in a democracy perennial agitation is not necessary. It should end after making a point of opposition in a standard political manner. The CPN UML has already done that and now it is time for allowing the parliament to pursue its own normal course. 

Prime Minister Deuba is also determined to facilitate the opposition party to come up with a proposal to end the ongoing obstruction in the parliament session. Senior leaders of CPNUML also seek to end it through some political approach. “All should consider some sort of understanding on the issue and end the obstruction in the parliament. Negotiation is after all the great virtue of a democracy.”

The Speaker of the parliament has also been appealing for ending obstruction in each session of the parliament over the past months. Analysts also emphasize the need to allow the highest legislature function well in the last lap of its current tenure. “If this could be done, it would be great for all the political parties as they prepare for the next parliamentary polls in less than a year.”