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Helicopters are becoming a reliable transport means to douse fires

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

Helicopters are now being used to put out fires. A fire broke out in the urban area of Damauli on Sunday. The fire was not extinguished when five firefighters and security personnel were mobilized locally. The fire was extinguished by a Simrik Air helicopter from Kathmandu. Similarly, a recent forest fire in Lukka of Khumbu Pasanglamu village in Solukhumbu district was put out with the help of a helicopter. Although the helicopter had some difficulty in extinguishing the fire due to the forest fire entering the hill of Lukla, the skilled captain was able to extinguish the fire easily.

Helicopters put out fires with the best river water. If not, water from ponds, swimming pools, lakes or other places of water can also be used. Helicopters carried 1,000 liters of water on each trip to control the fire in Damauli. Eight hundred liters of water was carried to extinguish the fire in Kathmandu and seven hundred liters to control the fire in Lukla. Helicopter flew from Kathmandu to Damauli after the Ministry of Home Affairs wrote a letter asking for the help of Simrik Air.

Another fire broke out near Lukla’s Tenzing Hillary Airport. Helicopters were the only option to control the fire as it reached the cliffs. It is not easy to put out fires from choppers. This requires a trained pilot. Extinguishing fire from a helicopter is hundreds of times more risky than other means. When the helicopter extinguishes the fire, water has to be poured directly over the affected part so Helicopters are more likely to crash due to heat. Only by taking precautions can the fire be doused and possible damage could be reduced.