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Night life to resume, as govt. allows business 24 hrs

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

Issuing a circular the government has allowed to operate nigh business across Nepal. Now business can run for 24 hours a day. Earlier, the local administration had been closing such businesses at 10 pm. Entrepreneurs are excited after the government on Wednesday decided to allow night businesses to operate across the country. They hope that this will end the recession that started after the Corona pandemic and increase employment opportunities in the night business as a whole.

Night businesses include hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, dance clubs and Dohori Sanjh. At the same time, night business places, especially Thamel and Durbar Marg in Kathmandu will be more flourishing. After ten o’clock at night, the bustle of the people in the club of Kathmandu begins. Those who enjoy dancing, singing, and hanging out with each other arrive at the club at midnight.

Entrepreneurs have been demanding that night businesses be allowed to operate overnight since 2068 BS. After businessman demanded and pressurized the government in 2068 BS the government decided to allow the Dohori Sanjh to operate till 12 am or midnight and the club till 2 am.

Entrepreneurs will now have to provide additional browsers and security guards for security purposes as they will be able to run their business independently. According to the Nepal Lok Dohori Businessmen’s Association, there are more than 1,700 night time businessmen in the country and they are providing employment to more than 100,000 people. The Ministry of Home Affairs has also said that physical infrastructure should be added to keep night businesses open. CCTV cameras are mandatory in the business, the record must be kept at least for 30 days. Similarly, the noise coming from inside and the sound of music should be controlled so that it does not come out and create disturbance to outsiders.