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Hulas steel the main attraction at Buildcom – 22

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

Media Space Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal) in collaboration with Futurex Trade Fair and Events Pvt. Ltd. (India), organized the 7th Nepal Buildcon International Expo 2022 from March 11 – 13 at Bhikruti Mandap, Kathmandu with over 100 multinational companies showcasing over 250 brands and products from across Nepal and abroad.

Nepal Buildcon International Expo is basically an international event and Nepal’s largest expo on Architecture, Buildings, Construction, Design and Engineering.

 ‘HULAS STEEL’ is the Title Sponsor of the three day Nepal Buildcon International Expo – 22.  The Hulas Steel was established in 1981 as a joint venture between Golchha Organization, Nepal, and Comcraft LTD, Singapore.

The brand ‘HULAS’ with the Rhododendron symbol has become synonymous with quality in roofing sheets, aluminium, poles, and pre-fab structures in Nepal.

The expo attracted around 200,000 visitors including businessmen, traders, industrialists, engineers, construction entrepreneurs as well as general public during the three day event, according to the organizers.

The pre-fab structure of Hulas showcased during the event was one of the major attractions for the visitors. With the change in technology and modernization Hulas has now introduced Galvalum, which is the combination of zinc and aluminium, says Sunil Adhikari, Marketing Manager at Hulas Steel. It has 55 percent aluminum, 43 percent zinc and 2 percent silicon, he informed.

Hulas is offering quality products with accurate weight, which has created its own demand in the minds of customers says Adhikari. Although Hulas has the capacity to produce 80,000 tones of Galvalum sheets it is currently producing only 5,00 to 5,500 ton goods running under-capacity he said.  Besides zinc sheets, we also produce GI pipe, MS pipe, electric pole and other pre-fab materials, he added.