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There is no need to protest against singer: Chairman Dahal

The Nepal Weekly
March 15, 2022

Singer Prakash Saput’s recently released song ‘Peer’ has sparked controversy. Leaders of the Maoist center have protested against some scenes of the song based on the story of the victims of the Maoists’ People’s War. Although the song is getting good response on social media, some Maoist leaders were opposing it demanding the removal of the prostitution scene shown in the song. The song and video depicting the plight of the Maoists and their fighters who fought the armed people’s war have now become two poles of pros and cons on social media. Some have even warned to remove the song from YouTube immediately.

But Chairman of the CPN-Maoist Center Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that there is no need to protest against singer Prakash Saput’s song ‘Peer’. He said that Prakash Saput is a creative artist but he has chosen a deep theme for the song. He also said that the song should not be interpreted in the same way. Speaking to reporters at Dhangadhi Airport on Monday, Dahal said, “There is no need to get excited because of the song. There may be pros and cons. It should be easy to see. ‘Saying that artists and creators would compose different things according to their point of view, he responded that Saput’s song reflected an idea. He said, “People compose songs, poems and plays according to their experience. Debate may occur, but I don’t think many of us should be moved by the fact that someone has talked about it as part of the Maoist movement. ‘

Dahal also said that there would be a debate on whether the ‘Jana yuddha’ would lead to a peace process and that it would continue for many years. He also said that when he visited Qatar and Malaysia, he found that the combatants who had joined the ‘Jana yuddha’ were suffering.