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HURPES calls Russia to end war

The Nepal Weekly
March 1, 2022

The Human Rights and Peace Society has staged a protest show in front of the Russian Embassy in Baluwatar, Kathmandu on March 26, 2008, urging Russian government to immediately end the war and promote peace. During the demonstration, which started at 1 pm for half an hour, the peace activists called for an end to the Russia’s invasion in Ukrainian, immediate withdrawal of troops, cessation of hostilities and promotion of peace, according to a press release issued by HURPES.

Following the demonstration, a letter from the Human Rights and Peace Society to Russian President Vladimir Putin was handed over to an official at the Russian Embassy in Kathmandu. In the letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin it was mentioned that as the war was giving a blow to the rights of millions of people, the peace society believes that the invasion should be stopped in any circumstances and that every problem should be resolved peacefully. The HURPES also called the government of Russia “to immediately suspend hostilities and promote peace, including the withdrawal of troops.”

 Those participating in the demonstration were Krishna Pahadi Founder President of Human Rights and Peace Society, Govind Khanal, President, Homkant Chaulagai and Uttam Pudasaini Advisors were present. Founding Member Krishna Kandel, General Secretary Ram Krishna Baral, Former Deputy Chairman Renuka Poudel, Treasurer Jagannath Pudasaini, Secretary Bandana Singh and four dozen activists affiliated the organization.