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Reconstruction of Bhimsen Temple of Patan completes

The Nepal Weekly
February 8, 2022

The reconstruction works of the Bhimsen temple located at Patan Durbar Square is completed. The temple was partially damaged by the big earthquake of April 2015 and subsequence aftershocks. Mainly wooden structures of the upper stairs were damaged. The reconstruction works was commenced on 3 years back on January 21, 2019. Locals people had joined their hands to raise funds for the rebuild of the damaged temple with the slogan ‘Let us build our heritage on our own’ after no side demonstrated interest to that end. The Indian government had pledged to reconstruct the temple but it also remained abortive. Hence, the locals took the task into their own hands to rebuild with the campaign. 

The temple is situated in the northern part of Patan Durbar Square consists of three storeys and is dedicated to Bhim, one of the five Pandavas brothers, the lead characters of holy Mahabharata. Among the brothers Bhim was known for his strength and bravery. In Newar the culture, the deity is called ‘Bhimdyo’ who takes care and welfare of traders and business community.

The architecture of this temple is slightly unusual which makes it different from the other temples in Patan and elsewhere. The temple was built by Srinivasa Malla in 1680 AD but it had to be rebuilt in 1682 due to the destruction by a fire. The temple went through renovations again after the earthquake that took place in 1934, and again in 1967. Yet again the big earthquake of April 2015 damaged.

The cost of reconstruction works reached nearly Rs 49.3 million. The budget required for the soil was provided by another local trader, Kalyanjit Tamrakar. The Lalitpur Municipal Corporation provided Rs 10 million, Everest Bank Chairman VK Shrestha Rs 10 million, and Investment Bank Rs 10 million for the reconstruction of the temple, according to the Temple Reconstruction Concern Committee. Parliamentarians and Provincial Lawmakers also had added their support from their constituency development fund. Local business community and citizens had also donated for the reconstruction of the temple. Similarly, the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust had undertaken technical works of the temple reconstruction.