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Smooth parliamentary session ahead!

The Nepal Weekly
February 1, 2022

By TNW correspondent

Prime Minister Deuba appears to have worked out some formula to clear the disturbances in the parliament caused by opposition party CPNUML’s move against the Speaker. As mentioned in his address to the nation the other day, he is planning to get some things done – some bills passed – through parliament in near future.

According to some senior Nepali Congress leaders the Prime Minister and the opposition leader K.P. Oli may have discussed the formula in detail in recent days. “Both will go public soon on this and the parliament will have smooth session.”

In democracies, it is quite normal for opposition party to initiate political move for a purpose and raise its voice strongly. The same however, cannot go for long. Any move should actually end up in some sort of understanding and decision not to paralyze the supreme body elected by people, say senior politicos.

Political analysts say the Speaker of House of Representatives will provide room in the parliament for the opposition party to make its point clear, express its demand and emphasize the fulfillment of the same. Following that procedure the session will go on forward smoothly taking up other businesses of the House.

Senior politicos are underlining the need to keep the parliament busy the whole year until its tenure ends. “This”, they opine, “is very important because the present coalition government came into formation for not allowing the parliament demise untimely.”

“It is time all politicos try to make at least the parliament, like local level governments, last the constitutionally given period of tenure of five years. The government could not be stable and two Prime Ministers had to be picked up in one parliamentary term besides compulsion of electing two Speakers of the House in one term.” Politicos talking political stability had better learn lessons in time.

The political stability is such an important condition that all development works, governance matters and public service delivery issues depend on it. “If parliament completes its five year term in a normal way, it will have a very positive message for the people in the days to come,” say analysts.