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TU result does not out even in a year

The Nepal Weekly
February 1, 2022

Generally, the results of the examination should be made public within three months after the completion of the examination but Tribhuvan University (TU) has not published the results even for a year. However, it has taken Trivi six months to a year to make public the results of most of the subjects and levels of examinations. Students are suffering the consequences of the weakness of the Examination Control Office. Such delays have a psychological effect on students.

Examination of some subjects of the second year of graduation level last February the operation ended in August after the corona outbreak spread. Examination Control Office has already made public the schedule to make the third year examination public in the first week of February, but the students have complained that they are under stress as the results of the previous year have not been released.

The date of the examination for the first year candidates of the bachelor level has been fixed from the first week of February but the results of the previous year’s examination have not been made public yet.

Controller of Examinations Pushparaj Joshi said that it was too late to make the results public due to lack of manpower. TU has been saying that all the current employees in the office are facing more problems as they are not accustomed to information technology.

According to Joshi, the Examination Control Office had 224 employees at one time . By merging different branches, the number of staff has been reduced to 180. Of them, only 141 are working now. controller Joshi said that 40 more staffs are needed to conduct the examination and publish the results. According to Examination Control Office, there are many problems in the faculty of humanities and social sciences in the examination and publication of results. Joshi complained that Examination Control Office was only accused of delaying exams and results but was not interested in manpower management.

Even if the examination and review of the answer script by the professor is delayed, the result will be affected .  Minister for Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel had recently monitored Panika after complaints were received that the publication of results at the university was delayed. During the monitoring, he instructed the Controller of Examinations to publish the results in a timely manner.