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No intervention in poll dates

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022

By TNW correspondent

The ongoing public discussion on holding three tier polls at local, provincial and federal levels this year has one common appeal: there should be no delays in polls on any excuse – political or otherwise. The Election Commission has also exhibited active interest in having the polls in their due time and has informed appropriately to political parties concerned.

Now it is for the political parties – ruling, opposition and others- to work out a consensus on this and allow the election body to pursue its formal course of action for allowing voters to express their will, said senior politicos the other day while discussing the electoral process in the country.

Prime Minister Deuba has indicated, in his recent address to the nation, his consciousness about his government duty to preside over facilitating the polls. Although all political parties understand the importance of having all level polls in time, their political interests are making them undecided on this matter.

A few parties consider the parliamentary polls as most important for them to show their presence while others think local level polls should be held first to serve their interest. Political observers say: early date or belated date for polls would have not much value in performance of political parties. Yet political parties are not convinced about it.

Delaying poll would cause political instability, warn politicos giving examples of Nepal’s own recent past history. Moreover, this time under the federal system of governance, the local bodies should have a new elected team prior to the expiry of tenure of current office holders. There cannot be a vacuum in this regard, they stress. The point should be taken by political parties seriously.