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Deuba focused on dialogue

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022


Prime Minister Deuba appears, in his recent address to the nation, focused on what his coalition-government has to do to ensure smooth implementation of the constitution, electoral process and minimizing the damage of COVID -19 pandemic. The way he emphasized dialogue with other political parties in matters of consolidating democratic process, parliamentary order and managing public health crisis in the country indicates a positive and inclusive approach to politics. That was what was lacking during the first three years after the past general election despite the then ruling CPN UML having almost two third majority in parliament. The past six months under Deuba-led coalition should be evaluated fairly through the main purpose for which the five-party united move came into existence. It would be rather unfair to expect from it performance of a single party majority government. PM Deuba was approached by seasoned politicos of Nepal to lead a coalition when there was chaos in political process because of autocratic approach to governance and politics and great risk for non-implementation of constitution and marginalizing of constitutional organs. Deuba has therefore been serious to maintain the coalition spirit in government and has so far followed the path of consultation and cooperation with coalition partners and other political leaders in the country. He has managed to steer the coalition-government well despite pressure from his own party to go alone in the country’s politics and compete with other political parties in polls. Although his party – Nepali Congress- emerged more democratic and stronger after its national convention and in-party election for various party-posts, Deuba has not demonstrated any sign to leave out coalition-spirit with other four political parties. The way he is keeping his political profile balanced in coalition government should be appreciated. Similarly the approach through which his government is managing the public health crisis caused by the third wave of COVID-19 should also be commended. Of course, much more positive things could have been done in this regard learning lessons from the previous waves had there been high professional standards and infra structure in health sector in the country. If the coalition government could take some wiser steps towards easing economic problems and tackling obstacles in development works the public would benefit significantly because of the resultant promptness in delivery of various public services.