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How could I support my junior for the post of President?

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022

Senior leader of Nepali Congress Prakash Man Singh has said that all three-tier elections including the local level ones, must be conducted as per schedule. Talking to journalists at his residence Chaksibari in Thamel on Saturday after the release of the book The Struggle of Ganesh Man Singh, authored by Meeta Singh, he stressed on the need for all to move as per the spirit and provisions of the constitution.

It is the major responsibility of the five party alliance to run the government as per the spirit of the constitution, he pointed out. We must not forget the fact that this coalition government was formed after the Nepal Communist Party led two third majority government failed to move forward as per the mandate of the people, said former Deputy Prime Minister Singh.

In response to a question about his inclusion in the Deuba cabinet, Singh made it clear that he has “no immediate plan to join the government.” Justifying his move to support Deuba for the post of party’a president in the second phase of election Singh said, as Deuba lost the election only on technical ground despite gaining support from the majority voters, I took side of the majority that led to his victory.

During the 13th General Convention of the party, I gave up the contest and extended support to Ramchandra Poudyal on the ground that I am junior to him, but now despite being senior the anti-establishment group did not favour my candidacy,” pointed out Singh. “This forced me to contest the election for the post of the president as a rebellion candidate.”

After contesting the election as the rebellion candidate, how could I support some one who is junior to me for the post of president? Singh asked.