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Nepal Telecom launches 4G LTE Namaste Wifi

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022

The Nepal Telecom has launched 4G LTE Namaste Wi-Fi and is in the process of expanding it to the areas where fiber broadband facility is not available.

“The NT launched the 4G LTE Namaste Wi-Fi to provide high-speed data and voice services to areas to the areas where there is no FTTH service,” according to a press release issued by the telecom.

The Telecom has been providing different attractive package of 4G LTE Namaste Wi-Fi Service. It has partnered with Cybernetics Pvt Ltd to provide necessary devices for Namaste Wi-Fi.

Company’s commercial officer Sangita Pahadi and CEO of Cybernetics, James Nyachhyon recently inked an agreement to this effect. “The Nepal Telecom has devised separate packages to suit the different needs of the customers,” adds the statement. Spokesperson of the Nepal Telecom, Rajesh Joshi has informed that Namaste Wi-Fi is available in two packages –Individual Package and the Government Institution Package. Under Individual Package, there are two subcategories – Home Broadband Basic and Home Broadband Premium. Under the “Basic package”, customers will get 60 GB of data for Rs.800 valid for 30 days. Similarly, 720 GB pack is available for Rs 9,000 annually. This also can be used for one year at the rate of 60 GB per month. A 60GB pack can be obtained for Rs 400 for 15 days as an add-on pack in both the packs. “Under the home broadband premium, 120GB pack would be available for Rs 1,200 for 30 days. The 1,440GB pack is available at Rs 13,500 for a year. This can also be used at the rate of 120 GB per month for a year.” A 120GB pack can also be obtained for Rs 600 for 15 days as an add-on of these two packs, adds the statement. “Towards the government institutions package, various sorts of packages are available for Rs 3,650 and for Rs 2,100 for a period of 30 days. Unlimited data can be used in these two packages.” There is also provision of certain discount for customers who purchase packages in wholesale annually and half-yearly. The new service is expected to be effective and attractive as 4G service has reached most places of the country and also the number of customers wishing to use high speed internet at home or office through various devices has also increased recently.