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Important notice from Passport Department

The Nepal Weekly
January 25, 2022

Owing to the government’s decision dated 2078/9/30 regarding Covid 19 and the widespread spread of corona virus infection among the employees of the department all the bookings and tokens issued by the former Department of Passport, except for those going abroad for treatment and other emergency cases, have been suspended for the time being, according to a notice from the Department.

“Once the conditions return to normal, the service will continue based on the priority of the previous bookings done,” adds the notice.  “Applicants can make requests in the above email with form submitted online adequate proof and reason about why it is urgent. The department will inform within two working days to limited number of service recipients on priority basis through email if the application is accepted.” The applicants whose applications have been approved are requested to contact the department on specified date and time along with the printed copy of the email. “The production and delivery of passports to the respective districts will continue as per the applications received through live enrolment from various district administration offices,” reads the statement.

The department has apologized for the inconvenience caused by this alternative arrangement due to the third wave of Covid – 19 pandemic.