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Pradesh 2 named Madhesh Pradesh

The Nepal Weekly
January 18, 2022

On Monday, the Province 2 assembly choose Madhesh Province as its formal name, whereas Province 1 has yet to get formal name.

A voting procedure was carried out to choose the name of the province where 80 votes were casted in favour of the name Madhesh Pradesh out of 103 votes. The presence was 99 at the time of voting. Vote casted against the motion was 34.

The ruling party Janata Samjbadi Party and Maosit Centre lodged the motion that was supported by Loktantrik Samajbadi Party, the main opposition.

The proposals of names for the province like Janaki Pradesh, Madya Madhesh Pradesh and Mithila Bhojpura Pradesh have been dismissed by today’s decision.  

Madhesh is a province in the south-eastern region of Nepal that was formed after the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal. It is Nepal’s second most populous province, and smallest province by area. It borders Province 1 to the east, Bagmati Province to the north and west, and India to the south. It has an area of 9,661 km2 (3,730 sq mi) – about 6.5% of the country’s total area with a population of 5,404,145 as per the 2011 Census of Nepal, making it the most densely populated province the country. Janakpur has been declared as the capital of Madhesh Province as of the cabinet decision of 17 January 2018,