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Safety precaution intensified at TIA

The Nepal Weekly
January 18, 2022

In the wake of increasing spread of coronavirus in the country, safety precaution has been intensified at Tribhuvan International Airport. Visitors are scrutinised at the gate while the distribution of passes for those welcoming and seeing off travellers are curtailed except when very necessary.

Director General at TIA Bhola Prasad Guragain informed that the distribution of pass to visitors had been tightened to minimise the risk of coronavirus spread. 

Throngs of people are normal at TIA- both at the domestic and international terminals. It is partly because of disruption of flights caused by adverse weather. The morning flights to the airports of hilly districts and some Tarai districts have been rescheduled because of adverse weather. Visitors, employees at TIA are requested and reminded repeatedly to use mask and sanitiser and maintain distance. Currently, there are 10 helicopters and 19 airlines providing service under domestic flights while 20 airlines including two Nepali airlines are providing international flight service at TIA.

According to Guragain, 300 domestic and 50 to 60 international flights take off and land daily. The TIA is now all set to implement the CCMC decision on vaccination report card from January 21.