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Yeti Airlines – UNDP agreement on achieving the SDGs

The Nepal Weekly
January 18, 2022

Yeti Airlines and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) had signed an agreement Wednesday in Kathmandu to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The agreement was signed by Anoj Rimal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yeti Airlines and Ayshanie Labe, Resident Representative for Nepal of UNDP Nepal.

On the occasion, Rimal said that Nepal has been working with UNDP on climate change, health, education and tourism from 2017.He added that Yeti Airlines have been working in collaboration with UNDP by giving more priority to the environment sector.

The agreement aims to provide additional support to the airline for technical, various training to work in the environment sector. The agreement was reached to make the work of planting saplings, garbage collection of Sagarmatha and increasing tourism more effective, Rimal mentioned.

Rimal further said, “We have been working with UNDP on climate change and education, health and tourism promotion since 2017. As Nepal has the largest network of airlines, UNDP will be promoted, but the work it has done will be effective, so the airlines have been cooperating.

“Yeti Airlines have come to be known as Carbon Neutral Airlines. We are striving for it this year too. The airline has been working on environmental sanitation and garbage collection from 2016,”Rimalsaid.

Similarly, Ayshanie Labe, Resident Representative of UNDP Nepal, said that the agreement with Yeti Airlines was not new. She said that we have been working in the environment sector continuously since 2017.She said the agreement would play an important role in sustainable conservation and development of the environment to reduce carbon emissions. Chief Labe said he was happy to have signed an agreement with Yeti Airlines to do more work in the field of environment. An agreement has been reached to plant 50,000 saplings and manage the waste of Everest and promote tourism, Labe mentioned.

Remarkably, Yeti Airlines had been campaigning to plant a sapling before the Corona pandemic. But the campaign has been halted due to the Corona pandemic. The airline has so far planted more than 273,000 saplings in various places.