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Aviation Museum opens in Nepalgunj

The Nepal Weekly
January 18, 2022

An aviation museum set up in Belaspur in Nepalgunj to lure tourists from western Nepal and India has comeinto operation on the occasion of Maghi (Makar Sakranti). The museum, located in Dhangadhi, was shifted to Nepalgunj and brought into operation.

Captain Bed Upreti, director of the museum, informed that a large number of tourists from all over western Nepal and India would visit the museum, which was established with an investment of Rs. 18 million.

He said that the museum had been set up with the objectives of imparting information on aircraft to the students and supporting the development of domestic and international tourism.

According to Upreti, more than 200 models of airplanes are also kept inside large aircraft. He informed  that the 30 best photos of Western Nepal and the Everest region are also showcased  in the museum.

It is said that tickets with discounts have been arranged for the school students. Earlier, a large number of tourists from different cities of Nepal and India used to visit the museum in Dhangadhi.

Upreti said the museum was shifted to Nepalgunj after the local government did not provide land in Dhangadhi.

He said that the museum has been set up in the Children’s Park of Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City-12 where the museum was provided with required land.

The museum will play an important role in attracting domestic and Indian tourists, said Shree Ram Sigdel, tourism entrepreneur from Banke.

He said that the fun parks and water parks of Nepalgunj are now attracting a large number of visitors from within and outside the country.