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NC for change with continuity

The Nepal Weekly
December 21, 2021

By TNW Correspondent

Democrats have, through their votes during the Nepali Congress’ 14th Convention, spoken clearly that they would like to change their party with continuity for the next four years.

It is because of their decision that Prime Minister Deuba got renewed opportunity to lead the party for the second time straight while young Turks Gagan Thapa and Bishwa Prakash Sharma emerged as heroes of what is termed youth-generation crossing all lines of so called factionalism in the grand old party. They are the faces of democratic future which will be shaped by the way they play the key roles of general secretaries of NC.

Senior leader Ram Chandra Paudyal, although right in reading the pulse of Convention-representatives, failed somehow to materialize his proposal of single-candidature opposition to Deuba for change in leadership. He, therefore, chose, voluntarily, to keep off the party-post-centric politics of the Convention. Sensing his path to party-chair and premiership blocked, Paudyal demonstrated spiritual wisdom to open a custodian-type political space for him for future with neutral appeal to congress-persons to vote with their wisdom and conscience.

Prakash Man Singh, another aspirant for top post, found his prescription for change rejected and promptly opted to go by the decision of majority of Convention- representatives. In doing so he evinced his democratic openness and magnanimity to respect the voice of majority and secure his political space for the next four years. Bimalendra Nidhi, another candidate for the party-chair, also followed the same route.

PM Deuba, following the Convention, will have to pursue carefully with due consideration for the voice of the Convention. Similarly, Thapa and Sharma, should carve their way with wisdom and political skills for responding to the changing aspirations of NC-persons. People in general are keenly watching the difference the duo could make in building up the party in future.

Shekhar Koirala, who competed with Deuba with due respect for all democratic norms, might put pressure on the PM to listen to the other side of the NC as well. Whether he will continue his opposition to Deuba inside the party in the future is what political observers are keenly watching at the moment.

Members of Koirala family – Shekhar,Shashanka, and Sujata – could not be on same page in their approach to the Convention. Yet the representatives expressed their trust in Shashanka in the party’s Central Committee while supporting Shekhar even in the second round of voting. Sujata, because of her close association with Singh will have significant role in future in the party in future.

How NC develops strategy for approaching the next general elections at three levels is the burning question for all in the party as the Convention closed formally in Kathmandu.

“Will it be able to reverse the adverse result of last elections?” The question is engaging political observers in the country in post-Convention-times.