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Katrina breaks traditional wedding stereotypes

The Nepal Weekly
December 21, 2021

These days Bollywood celebrities are better known for breaking their traditional stereotypes. Even in their famous wedding function they have been making news.

The extravagant royal wedding of Katrina Kaif held the other day lured many, as she was seen walking down the flower blanket held by her sisters. It’s an Indian tradition at marriage ceremony that the brothers of the bride hold the

‘Phoolon ki chadar’. But in this case Katrina chose her loving sisters instead. Sharing her private wedding ceremony pictures she wrote some emotional lines for her act in social media.

“Growing up we sisters always protected each other. They are pillars of my strength and we always keep each other grounded,” she wrote in social sites, sharing her lovely pictures with siblings. Katrina is not the first to break the age old wedding stereotypes. Anushka Sharma had chosen not to cry while parting from her parents after marriage, as is expected from a bride. Instead she walked happily hand in hand with Virat Kohli. Raj Kumar Rao had asked his wife to put the sindur on his head after his turn.

The vermilion is put on the parted part of the hair line of the bride, as a symbol of her being selected to be a life partner of a particular bride groom and she is expected to do the same after marriage. Neena Gupta had given birth to a baby girl ‘Masaba’ without marriage; the time when the Bollywood was too much traditional and rigid. The entire society and the Bollywood was hell bend against the incident, dubbing her characterless for being an unmarried mother. And now at the age of 50 she chose to marry another guy.