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Generational change in NC


The Nepal Weekly
December 14, 2021

The 14th National Convention of Nepal’s oldest functioning democratic party – Nepali Congress – has in many respects demonstrated generational change. Although weak in debating ideological principles and programmes, the Convention has focused on the agenda of picking up fresh leadership for the next four years in a standard manner of practicing internal democracy. The delegates of the National Convention – over 4,500 – have passed through several electoral processes at wards, municipalities, provinces and various clusters reserved for ensuring inclusion of most population-sections of communities. The NC has followed innovatively the federal principles envisioned by the constitution in organizing the internal structure of the party. Never before had the National Convention been so extensively represented. Presence of youths and their voice at the NC this time is also unique. Candidature for 134-member Central Committee, one president, 2 vice-presidents, 2 general secretaries, and joint general secretaries also indicates remarkable change. Youths have got the opportunity to compete, show their political skills and get elected openly. The grand old party by ensuring open political competition at all levels offered opportunities for leaders to emerge as per their wish and ability to convince party members. It is for this reason that senior leader such as Prime Minister Deuba, with the five time-premiership-record and rich leadership experience, has been compelled to compete with young Turks – Prakash Man Singh, Bimalendra Nidhi, Dr. Shekhar Koirala and Kalyan Kumar Gurung – for retaining his party top post. Seasoned leaders such as Ram Chandra Paudyal, Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Dr. Shashanka Koirala,  Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat and Arjun Narsingh KC appear nowhere in competitive race for top senior posts. Most new generation leaders have entered the competitive race for vice-presidents, general secretaries and joint general secretaries. As the NC comes out of the 14th Convention it appears it will have fresh enthusiasm, new spirit and youths’ voice in leadership which will be instrumental in changing substantially what hitherto has remained the party of old guards. The same will further facilitate the process of strengthening parliamentary multi-party system for the best interest of Nepalis and the country.