May 22, 2024, Wednesday
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No new case of Omicron found in gene sequencing

The Nepal Weekly
December 14, 2021

Some 1,800 samples have been put for gene sequencing ever since the new variant of the novel coronavirus, omicron, was found in Nepal on Dec. 5.

However, no new case of omicron infection has been found in those sample tests.

Runa Jha, director of the National People’s Health Laboratory (NPHL), says that swab samples of 1,800 people were put for gene sequencing to find out if any of them were infected with the new variant of the SARS-CoV-2, but no case was found so.

The samples were collected from all seven provinces across the country. According to Director Jha no new cases of infection of omicron have been detected after December 5 when only two cases were found infected with the newest variant of the virus. Even the two people infected with the new variant have already been cured. The PCR report of the two people was found negative two days after they were found infected with the new variant, on December 7.