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Airfare hiked by Rs. 220 per flight

The Nepal Weekly
November 16, 2021

Nepal’s airline companies have increased the airfares by up to Rs 220 per ticket in the aftermath of the recent hike in fuel prices. This is the second time that the airline companies have increased their charges within a couple of weeks. Earlier on November 3, the companies had hiked the fare by up to Rs 440 for a one-way trip. According to the Airline Operators Association of Nepal, the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal has permitted the airlines to raise the airfares in the wake of an increase in fuel price. At the new airfare rates, passengers traveling from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi should pay Rs 4,460, up from existing Rs 4,240. Similarly, air ticket to Surkhet from Kathmandu has been increased by Rs 175 to Rs 3,490. AOAN said in a statement that it is compelled to hike the air fare due to an escalating price of aviation fuel in recent days.