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Floods in Sindhupalchok, devastation again

The Nepal Weekly
June 23, 2021

The Nepal Weekly | June 22, 2021

Sindhupalchok, the distric adjoined to the Kathmandu Valley in the north-east had faced a number of natural disasters in a few years.

The flood of Jure are the Big Earthquake of 2015 disasters it witnessed. The flood in Melamchi river on June 15 is yet another blow to this district.    

Landslides and flash floods triggered by heavy rain across Nepal last week killed some 11 people including one Indian and two Chinese workers at a Melamchi Drinking Water Project, while around 25 people were missing. This was the report issued on Friday.

Heavy rain since Tuesday (June 15, 2021) have damaged roads, destroyed bridges, washed away fish farms and livestock, and wrecked homes in Helambu region of Sindhupalchok district. Due to high magnitude flood in the Melamchi river, hundreds of people have been forced to move to temporary shelters, including schools, sheds and tents.

The area was covered by sand, soil and debris brought by flash flood. The debris of the landslide around 30 km from Melamchi was blocked and later suddenly pushed strongly by river water. Arriving at Melamchi the debris within a while covered the settlement where some could not flee. It claimed many lives. Some are missing and the a number of houses swept and so many houses stood sand and debris covered two stories under the sand.

The flood had destroyed the Melamchi Drinking Water Project at Melamchi. The dam of the project has been damaged by the flood. The drinking water project was closed for checks and repairs after supplying 170 million of water per day to the Kathmandu Valley through a 27 km tunnel. The project was closed the same day after serving two and a half month. If that was in regular operation, the project might have witness ever extensive damage.

The floods had destroyed four modern concrete bridges and five suspension bridges, among other government-owned physical infrastructure.

Similarly, eight trout fish farms located near the river have been washed away. At least eight workers have gone missing from the farms.

The damaged bridges and streets have also hindered the re-establishment of the family and relief packages in the affected areas.

Some workers including Chinese and Indian nationals were also lost their lives in the flood catastrophe. The administration, voluntary organisations and some individuals have extended their support in kind and cash to the victims.