July 20, 2024, Saturday
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Oli-Deuba-move: fresh politics ahead!

The Nepal Weekly
July 9, 2024

By TNW correspondent

Seasoned politicos – former Prime Ministers Deuba and Oli – have initiated a new move in Nepali politics for restoring people’s trust in politicians and serving the national interest in the real sense of the term.

According to those who are informed about the details of their latest agreement on forming a new coalition government with national consensus, the two leaders have understood the need for restoring people’s trust in politicians.

“They would like to demonstrate the same through working together in the coalition government to be formed later. A common programme has been worked out for managing the new coalition. It has been framed after learning lessons from experiments in politics over the years including the one launched after the last general elections.”

Both leaders emphasize their working together would be in the best interest of the country. They also underline the need to amend the constitution for enabling stable government. All these will be done through a vision of inclusiveness.

A senior politico welcomed coming together of Deuba and Oli for bringing new energy and inspiration in Nepali politics and governance. “The NC and CPN UML do magic in politics when they work together; their joint movement has history of changing Nepali direction of politics, social movement and change.”

Critics, however, caution: this time also they come together to differ in the near future for one egoistic agenda or the other, for one partisan interest or the other. “It will be just another coalition government in the attempt of sharing power.”

Most feel reassured and confident about the new alliance for it brings together the country’s mainstream politicos. “In matters of country’s interest, they will work jointly. They will compete in matters of partisan agenda,” said a parliamentarian.

According to a senior journalist, Deuba and Oli have learnt various valuable lessons from past political interests; so this time they will work together with a sense of political maturity and a sense of not ignoring the existence of the other.

“Their latest move is for a fresh politics ahead indeed! It’s beyond power-sharing”, noted a political analyst.